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28 Winter Adventure Ideas to Warm You up All Season Long

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Winter is coming.

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to trade in your swimsuits and sand shovels for winter jackets and snow shovels. It’s always a bummer when summer ends, no way around it. We’re not gonna sit here and try and convince you otherwise.

That doesn’t mean that life as you know it is over, just that summer life as you know it is over. Sure, the long days and beaches are going to be sorely missed, however, it also means there is a whole slew of new adventures to enjoy.

28 Winter Adventure Ideas

Winter is the time of year for holiday cheer, fireside chats, and a chill night of Netflix. All of this is fine and dandy, however, staying indoors is something we all get sick of. We put together a list of 28 winter adventure ideas that will spice up the winter months.

1. Enjoy a winter campfire

If your town or city allows it or you have a fire-pit, get a fire started on a cold winter night in the backyard. Bundle up and make some hot chocolate, cook up some s’mores, and listen to the crackle of the fire well into the (hopefully) snowy evening.

A campfire in the snow

2. Go on a winter hike

Get your boots on and get your ass out there. Winter is here, that doesn’t mean hiking has to go by the wayside. Find a trail near you and go on a hike and admire the differences of your favorite trails as the seasons and scenery have gone through a transformation.

3. Go to a winter festival

Some of the best festivals take place in winter, it’s got the same vibe as any other festival with different attire required. There are all kinds of festivals for all kinds of entertainment, so pick and choose your next winter celebration.

4. Try your hand at home brewing

There’s no better time of year than winter to make some brew. Take some time out of your evenings and learn to home-brew, a skill that will last a lifetime. You’ll get the satisfaction of creating it from scratch and tasty beverage to enjoy by the fire.

5. Try ice fishing

So this won’t apply to everyone, you’re gonna need a couple things first… Can you guess what they are? Yep, a frozen lake and fish, however, if you got ’em might as well catch ’em. Grab your fishing pole, a couple buddies, and some adult beverages and learn to ice fish.

6. Ice skate your heart out

Nope, it isn’t just for middle school kids, it’s for everyone. I completely suck at ice skating and it would be better called wall holding with skates on. Regardless, it’s always a lot of fun to look silly on a pair of ice skates.

7. Go snowshoeing

If you have no idea what snowshoeing is, you basically walk on the top of the snow without sinking into the fresh snow. The shoes are wide and circular and keep you from sinking into the snow, it’s a fun way to spend a day in the Winter. Being in nature with snow covered trees and frozen rivers is breathtaking.

Person jumping over a creek in snow shoes

8. Rent cross country skies

Unless you already have cross country skis, then just use those. Cross country skiing is one of those activities that looks super boring, and it’s not. You’ll never know if you never try. It’s a new way to explore parts of your favorite mountain you normally just blow past.

9. Hit up thrill hill

Not sure what you call it, that’s what we called the biggest hill in my neighborhood growing up that everyone would sled down in the winter. The art of sledding is best experiences with family and friends. Get a sled and find a hill, with no traffic and always have a spotter at the bottom.

10. Go tubing

Yea, it might sound weird to say your going tubing in the winter. Most mountains have a tubing section and if your really adventuress you can find a spot to climb up and slide down that way. If you have a friend with a snowmobile, use that to get to the top with little effort and the tube back down.

11. Try a snow machine

Snowmobile, snow machine, sled, whatever you want to call it.Try a snow machine out, they can go 50-60 mph on flat surface and are way more fun than a jet ski. Added bonus, you can see places that normally would take hours to get to.

12. Chop down a Christmas tree

Take a hike to a local national park and chop down any tree you see… NO, DO NOT DO THAT. There are companies that have tree farms specifically for this purpose, so take the family and find a perfect tree. It makes the experience much more memorable than simply going to the store and picking a farm raised tree.

13. Snowball fight

This is nothing new, but it would have been treason to leave it off the list. One of life’s greatest pleasures is partaking in a snowball fight. I always wish I had a friend that could launch them like Buddy in The Elf.

14. Build an igloo

Want a real challenge? Attempt to build an igloo, it’s not easy and you need the right kind of snow. If you have no idea how to build an igloo, do a little research and discover out the best practices. Last thing you need is to spend hours building what turns out to be a pile of snow.

15. Build a snowman

Another one that had to be on the list. Mix it up, forget the boring basics and play around with the anatomy of a snowperson. Dress it up and have fun with it.

16. Winter camping

All good things must come to an end, the comforts of summer camping are long gone. Pack your winter gear and get going to a winter wonderland at camp. Winter camping has whole different feel, not all of them are great, so embrace the suck and experience camping on a whole new level.

17. Doughnuts in a frozen parking lot

Find a parking lot and let loose. Get your car going in circles on an ice covered parking lot, it’s a rush and a blast. The obstacle is going to be finding an empty lot. As long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, have fun and get dizzy.

18. Add peppermint schnapps

This probably should have been number one, just remember to drink responsibly. Hot chocolate, milk, water, you get the point. Get loose and have some fun.

19. Find an outdoor hot tub

A nice steamy hot tub with you and your favorite person, a little steam, and a lot of love. Or just grab some buddies, either way, jumping into a steaming hot tub in the middle of a winter night is the shit.

20. Go to a sporting event

Get all bundled up and go see your favorite team play. There is something special about getting all bundled up and heading outside to watch your favorite team perform. If it’s snowing, that makes the experience even better.

21. Hit the slopes

I almost left this one off the list, it seemed too obvious. Hit the slopes in a snowboard or skis, either way, just get out there. It is getting pretty expensive for families, however, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Chairlift on a snowy mountain

22. Roast marshmallows

Typically this is a summer staple, sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores. No reason that we can’t try this one outside in the snow. Hot chocolate with freshly roasted marshmallows, hard to top it.

23. Bare bones winter camping

Test out your survival skills with some bare bones winter camping. Build a shelter in the snow, bring only the essentials, and try and make it safely through the night.

24. Try your hand at curling

You know, that silly winter Olympic sport that seems like anyone can do. It’s not nearly as easy as it looks and it’s a great way to spend a winter afternoon. Get a group together and knock around some stones.

25. Shovel driveways for your neighbors

Especially if they have trouble getting around themselves. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors while helping them out at the same time. Good karma.

26. Practice cold weather first aid

A good time of year to brush up on cold weather first aid treatments. Hypothermia, frostbite, and snow blindness are all very serious situations with potentially dire consequences. Learn best practices on how to treat winter injuries.

27. Winter disc golf

Disc golf is a blast in the summer, but it’s even more challenging in snowy conditions. Find the nearest disc golf course in the winter and play a few holes in the snow. Who doesn’t like a good challenge every now and then?

28. Experience a polar bear plunge

We have all seen the images of people jumping into ice cold water in large groups during the winter. Get a group together and get ready to freeze your ass off, jump in and feel the burn. Polar bear plunges are one of those things that everyone should experience at least once in their life.


Winter doesn’t have to be spent indoors, some of the best adventure’s take place in the wintertime. With this list of winter adventure ideas, you can get out of the normal routine of dreary winter days. Try something new that you haven’t done before and expand your options in the winter. Doing things that we suck at is always a humbling experience, get out there and something new.

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