A person walking on a log in the woods

10 Effective Ways to Manage Hiking With Back Pain

Imagine a spring hike with the morning sun peaking over the hills and the soft cool breeze beating on your back. Walking through the wilderness with nothing on your mind other than the chirping of the birds and the sound of the leaves in the wind. Now imagine that same hike with lower back pain

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person in sandals standing over a goldfish pond

Chacos Vs Tivas: Quest for the Best Hiking Sandal

The era of the sports sandal has arrived, sort of. If you’ve ever hiked in boots, at some point you have probably said to yourself, “There has to be a better option.” Then you remember the person you saw wearing sandals and they had nothing but praise for them. It’s more and more common to see

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Women skipping down a trail on a mountain

Discover the Many Health Benefits of Hiking on a Regular Basis

Solvitur Ambulando. Latin for “It is solved by walking.” From the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to the granite walls that loom high above Yosemite National Park. There are endless reasons why we choose to get outdoors and hike. Often times it is an easy way to escape the everyday grind of the monotonous routines

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Person standing on the edge of a snowy cliff

25 Tips to Help You Plan for the Perfect Winter Hike

The weather outside is frightful and a winter hike seems so delightful, or something like that… With winter upon us and the cold weather that comes with it, it’s easy to forget about hiking. Don’t do that. Hiking IS a four-season activity, and there are copious reasons to escape the warm comforts of a fire

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People hiking on the top of a sand dune

11 Insider Tips For Hot Weather Hiking

Sun’s out guns out, and in the mountains, your water bottles too. With the looming joy of hot summer days, barbeques with friends, and the undeniable happiness that we find in summer and on the trail. It is important to keep in mind the dangers of hot weather hiking. The best time of year to hike,

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Antique calculator

How to Find Your Hiking Burn Rate

Backpacking takes you to magical places that are rarely seen by the human eye, secret spots, and hidden alpine lakes. It shows you the most magnificent displays that nature has to offer, and is gonna cost some real blood, sweat, and tears. So, how many calories are burned backpacking? That’s a loaded question if there ever

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