man with red bag in the middle of forest

Gregory vs Osprey: Battle of the Backpacks

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and before you get back to your car you’ve already planned on how you’re going to spend your new found fortune? Getting your hands on a new backpack brings similar dreams, minus the riches. As soon as you get the backpack into your car, you’ve planned out your

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A bivy sack set up next to an alpine lake

The 5 Best Bivy Sacks for your Next Outdoor Adventure

During a backpacking, camping, or climbing trip, setting up a tent can seem like a real pain in the ass. You have most likely found yourself wondering why the heck you keep fighting with a tent and everything that comes with it. Lucky for you there is another option, the bivy sack. A bivy sack

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A lemon and strawberry floating in water

Best Water Enhancers: The Good and the Bad of Water Enhancement

Most people feel like they should be drinking more water. Some health experts say we need eight eight-ounce glasses each day, known as the 8 by 8 rule (about two liters total). Others say even more would be better, but the consensus seems to be that most people aren’t drinking enough. Not only does drinking

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A blue glowing tent in a grass field on a starry evening

7 Ultralight Backpacking Tents to Minimize your Pack Weight

Backpacking and comfort are not synonymous. People head out on a backpacking trip to get out of their comfort zone and closer to nature. While that’s a romantic notion, the real challenge is finding the perfect balance of comfort and discomfort. You spend roughly 33% of your time backpacking inside your tent, so finding a

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