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Hiking Hydration: 11 Tips to Stay Hydrated on the Trail

The sweet spot of the hiking season is summertime. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the trails are begging for a little foot traffic. There isn’t much you need to remember, other than the basics…  First and foremost, water… Well, clothes first, then water. It doesn’t matter if your a seasoned veteran or […]


Beginner Thru Hiking Tips: 33 Tips to Crush Your First Thru Hike

Thru hiking is an experience that changes you in profound ways that are unpredictable and unforgettable. Each person is faced with the challenges and transformations that the trail throws at you whether you are ready or not.  There is going to be points along the trail when you question your commitment, ability, physical state, mental state […]


The Best ABC Watches: Hiking Watches Built for the Outdoors

Spending a day in the outdoors, time should be the last thing on your mind and for good reason. You only concerns should be enjoying the outdoors, smelling the roses, and taking it all in. That being said, an ABC watch isn’t there to remind you when you need to go home. It’s designed to give […]


24 Hiking Safety Tips Every Hiker Should Know

It’s no coincidence that hiking is exploding in popularity. There are a million reasons to get outside and take a hike. Hiking has a number of health, social, and mental benefits all rolled into the wonder of your backyard.  There are a million reasons to get outside and hike, and there is also chances for unforeseen […]


7 Ultralight Backpacking Tents to Minimize your Pack Weight

Backpacking and comfort are not synonymous. People head out on a backpacking trip to get out of their comfort zone and closer to nature. While that’s a romantic notion, the real challenge is finding the perfect balance of comfort and discomfort. You spend roughly 33% of your time backpacking inside your tent, so finding a quality […]


The 7 Best Camp Shoes for Backpacking and Hiking Adventures

Backpacking is a skill that is honed over time and mastered through trial and error. There are a million tips and lists to be found about what exactly you need. Camp shoes are one of the items that are forgotten and sorely missed.  Your camp shoes are a welcomed break from the daily grind of a […]


The Best Hammock Underquilts in 2018 for Every Outdoor Adventure

Camping in a hammock is the quickest and most comfortable way to enjoy a night under the stars. It’s difficult to find a place with a better view than from the gentle swing of a hammock on a brisk summer morning.  They are versatile, compact, and a great replacement for a tent or lean-to shelter. The […]

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