A tent and pop up canopy in a field.

The 5 Best Pop Up Canopies Reviewed

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Whether you’re hosting a summertime barbecue or are just trying to take a break from the sun during a day at the beach, a pop up canopy is a must-have piece of outdoor gear. Combining portability and functionality, a pop up canopy provides instant shade from the sun and the rain when you need it most.

That being said, while there are hundreds of different pop up canopies available today, you don’t want to simply buy the first one you see and hope for the best. Rather, it’s important to take time and learn more about pop up canopies so you can be sure to get the one that’s right for your needs.

Since there are so many different pop up canopies on the market today, it can be challenging to find the perfect model for your needs. To help you out, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to pop up canopies. We’ve even reviewed some of the best pop up canopies out there so you know what to look for when you’re shopping around. Let’s get to it!

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ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy Tent

Simple and durable, this pop up canopy tent from ABCCANOPY provides a 10’x10’ square of shade in any situation. Big enough to cover three beach chairs or provide shelter for up to ten people, this pop up tent is made from a heavy duty silver-coated polyurethane fabric that’s both 100% waterproof and UV-resistant.

This pop up tent sets up in just seconds – a job that is easily accomplished with just two people. Plus, this pop up canopy even comes with a nifty roller bag that makes travel and transport a breeze. Oh – and you can choose from over ten great colors for your new pop up tent. What’s not to love?


  • 100% waterproof
  • UV resistant UPF 50 fabric
  • Easy set up
  • Comes with a roller bag for transport


  • Doesn’t provide any side protection
  • Only one height option

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Eurmax 10’x10’ Ez Pop Up Canopy

This 10’x10’ pop up canopy from Eurmax features an ultra-durable full truss structure for everyday use. Made with a commercial-grade fire retardant polyester fabric that’s PU coated, waterproof, and UV-resistant, this pop up canopy is ready for anything you might throw at it.

The Eurmax pop up canopy is quick and easy to set up, and you can even choose from three different height options: 5, 10, or 11ft. Plus, this pop up canopy also includes a rolling transport bag, removable sidewalls, and four canopy weights to help your canopy stay upright in foul conditions.


  • 100% waterproof and seam sealed fabric
  • UV-resistant canopy
  • Adjustable to three different height options
  • Comes with bonus canopy weights for poor weather conditions
  • Includes four optional side walls


  • Fairly heavy

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E-Z UP Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy

If you need a pop up canopy that you can set up quickly, the E-Z UP Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy just might be for you. Aptly named, the E-Z UP provides 100 square feet of shade and weather protection in seconds. All you need to do is pull the canopy open, extend the legs and – voila! You’re done.

With a maximum headroom of 10’5”, the E-Z UP has a sizeable cathedral-style ceiling and three height settings so you can set up the pop up canopy to best suit your needs. Plus, the E-Z UP is made with fire-resistant and UV-protected fabric that’s designed to withstand years of use.


  • Incredibly quick set-up and disassembly
  • Three height settings
  • Maximum headroom of 10’5”
  • Comes with a roller bag


  • Expensive
  • Long-term durability concerns

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Crown Shades Patented 11ft x 11ft

This pop up canopy from Crown Shades provides an amazing and comfortable 11’x11′ square of coverage and takes just one minute for a single person to set up. Designed with a slant leg construction, the Crown Shades pop up canopy can provide more coverage with less material, making it easier for you to transport from place to place.

With a maximum center height of nearly nine feet and a sturdy high-grade steel frame, this pop up from Crown Shades is made to last. Plus, the canopy top is constructed from a thick oxford fabric that offers UPF 50 protection for those sunny days. With an included storage and transport wheelie bag, four guy ropes, and eight stakes, this pop up canopy from Crown Shades provides everything you need to get started.


  • Steel frame for durability
  • Larger footprint for more coverage
  • Slant leg design for extra sturdiness


  • Low ceiling height

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Keymaya Ez Commercial Instant Tent Heavy Duty Pop-up

Simple, strong, and robust are the three words we’d use to describe the Keymaya Ez Commercial Instant Tent. Made with industrial grade nylon brackets and steel beams, the Keymaya Ez Commerical Pop Up is designed to last. With a heavy duty PU coated, fire-retardant, UV-resistant, and fully waterproof canopy, there’s a lot to love in the Keymaya Ez Commercial Pop Up.

One person can quickly set up this pop up in just a few minutes while two people can get this pop up off the ground even more quickly. With three different adjustable heights and three different size options (10×10, 10×15, and 10×20), this canopy also allows you to customize it to meet your needs. Plus, it comes with a roller carry bag and four sand weights to help you make the most of your time outside.


  • Very durable
  • Adjustable heights
  • Three size options to choose from
  • Comes with a roller carry bag and four sand weights


  • Relatively expensive, especially for larger sizes

Pop up Tent Buying Guide

Pop up canopies may seem simple, but there are quite a few factors you should consider before you spend some of your hard earned money. Before you rush out to the store and purchase the first pop up tent you see, here are some things you should keep in mind:


Pop up canopies come in a variety of different sizes, perhaps the most common of which is a 10’x10’x footprint. The size of the pop up canopy that you need is really a matter of personal preference, though, because, for many of us, anything bigger than a 12’x12′ footprint is a bit unwieldy.

For the most part, larger canopies are a bit more unstable as they tend to be better at catching the wind and turning into a gigantic sail. So, if you do want to set up your larger pop up canopy in poor weather, just be sure to bring plenty of strong stakes and tie-down rope or even sandbags to weigh the whole thing down.

If you need a lot of space, you might actually be better off purchasing two smaller canopies rather than one big one. This is because larger canopies, as you might imagine, are heavier and take up more space when packed down. Thus, instead of trying to move and set up one gigantic pop up canopy, it can be easier to set up two smaller models side-by-side.


While the canopy portion of a pop up canopy is, indeed, essential, that canopy would be nothing without the frame to hold it up. The frame of a pop up canopy can be made from a variety of different materials, but usually, you’ll find that most models are made from hollow aluminum tubing, plastic caps, and aluminum rivets.

For the most part, the plastic parts of a pop up canopy’s frames are going to be the weakest link in the system. Unfortunately, there’s no real way around this, as the vast majority of pop up canopies feature an aluminum/plastic build for ease of use.

However, you can buy a steel framed pop up canopy, though, as you can probably imagine, these tend to be much heavier than aluminum canopies. Thus, these steel pop up canopies are best reserved for situations where you’ll likely face heavy winds, significant snowfall, or some other large force that could quickly destroy a lightweight aluminum pop up canopy.

Canopy Material

Modern pop up canopies are made from a variety of different fabrics, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For the most part, however, pop up canopies are made from either polyester or nylon.

Both polyester and nylon are commonly used in outdoor gear, but, unfortunately, both are fairly susceptible to damage from the sun’s UV rays. When a canopy has UV ray damage, it often becomes gray and fragile to the point where it tears easily and falls apart in the lightest of winds.

However, it is possible to find pop up canopies built with UV-resistant fabrics. Additionally, many nylon and polyester pop up canopies are coated with UV-resistant chemicals for long-term durability.

Ceiling Height

A pop up canopy won’t do you any good if you have to craw just to get under it. Thus, it’s important to have a pop up canopy with a high enough ceiling for you, your family, and your friends to be able to comfortably stand under.

It’s also important to recognize, however, that many pop up canopies that advertise large ceiling heights of 10 feet or higher, some of which are actually quite unstable. Since a high ceiling height usually means that a pop up canopy is more exposed to the wind, you’ll need to be prepared with extra strong stakes and plenty of spare tie-down material to ensure that your pop up canopy doesn’t turn into a kite during a storm.

Water Resistance

One of the main benefits of a pop up canopy is its ability to keep you dry in the rain. As you might suspect, however, not all pop up canopies are made equal in this regard.

While some pop up canopies are truly waterproof (at least from rain coming from above), others are merely water resistant. The main difference between a waterproof pop up canopy and a water-resistant one is that a water-resistant pop up canopy will eventually start to leak through the seams in the fabric in a heavy rainstorm.

If you’re using your pop up canopy mostly for shade from the sun, this might not be a huge concern for you, but if you like to be outside in any weather conditions, you’ll probably want to get a waterproof pop up canopy.


The last thing you want when you buy a pop up canopy is to have it fall apart before you even get a chance to use it. Generally speaking, pop up canopy strength comes from the quality of the canopy materials and the frame. Additionally, certain canopy constructions can withstand larger loads than others. That being said, lightweight canopies often come with significant strength reductions as a consequence of their more portable build.

Set Up

While some people seem to have a knack for setting up tents and pop up canopies, others struggle endlessly with such chores. Thankfully, true to their name, most pop up canopies are fairly simple to, well pop up, and don’t require any magical construction skills to get started.

Many pop up canopies just require that you unfold them and extend the legs to the desired height. In windy conditions, you’ll probably also want to stake out your pop up canopy, just to make sure it doesn’t fly away. Once your pop up canopy is in the correct position and is stable enough to handle a strong gust of wind, you’re good to go!


Pop up canopies are simple, yet versatile pieces of gear that are great to have on hand for special events or a family gathering. Before you rush out and buy the first pop up canopy you see; however, you should definitely consider all of the different features that a pop up canopy can offer before you decide on the one that’s right for your needs.

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