A large tent at night with chairs in front.

The 7 Best Glamping Tents: Luxury Camping Tents

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Just because you’re sleeping under the stars doesn’t mean you have to “rough it.” While many people think of camping as a way to eschew modern comforts and “get back to basics,” when you go glamping, you can take all of the creature comforts you know and love with you as you adventure in the great outdoors.

With the right glamping tent, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable on your next camping trip. But with so many different glamping tents to choose from, how do you find the one that’s right for your needs.

That’s where we come in. Up next, we’ve got your ultimate guide to choosing the best glamping tent, complete with reviews of some of the best models out there today. Here we go!

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Best Glamping Tents

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Tent

For the ultimate in glamping experiences, you’d be hard pressed to beat the White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Tent. Made from an extremely durable canvas fabric, military grade YKK zippers, and UV resistant Dura ropes, the White Duck Outdoors Luxury Tent is here to stay.

This four season tent has a fantastic design that allows for plenty of living space and a nine foot ceiling height, so everyone can be comfortable indoors. The tent itself also has large No-See-Um mesh netting in 12 separate windows for extra breathability in the hot summer months without having to expose yourself to the creepie crawlies outside.

Oh, and thanks to the tent’s single standing steel galvanized pole and A-frame construction, one person can pitch this tent without worry. So, if you’re looking for a glamping experience like no other, you won’t want to miss the White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Tent.


  • Ample living space with 9 foot ceiling height
  • Extremely durable fabric and materials
  • Four season construction
  • One person can pitch on their own
  • Plenty of mesh netting for breathability


  • Very expensive
  • Very heavy

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Dream House Tent

The Dream House tent is a yurt-style bell tent made for four season family glamping. The tent comes in three different sizes, so you can customize your shelter to meet your needs. In particular, the Dream House tent is made with a durable 3000mm waterproof PU coated cotton canvas fabric, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without getting soaked in a rainstorm.

If that wasn’t enough, the Dream House tent comes with an integrated heavy-duty groundsheet so you can roll up the side walls for more breathability and airflow on a hot summer’s day. Oh, and if you wanted to cozy up in the Dream House in the winter, you could even place a wood stove inside, thanks to the tent’s stove pipe hole. What’s not to love?


  • Multiple size options for customization
  • Integrated heavy-duty groundsheet allows for maximum airflow
  • Durable 3000mm waterproof PU coated canvas fabric
  • Packs down into cloth bag


  • Very heavy
  • Tricky set-up
  • Not as many windows for breathability 

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PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

PlayDo’s four-season waterproof bell tent is made from a tough 300gsm cotton fabric that’s outfitted with a waterproof treatment to withstand wind, rain, and snow for the best glamping experience. With sizeable top air vents and convenient zippable windows with bug nets, the PlayDo four-season glamping tent is ready for anything.

Or, if you still want to get out and adventure in the winter months, you can enjoy a warm tent at the end of the day, thanks to the PlayDo’s 5-inch wood burning stove vent, which can be covered when not in use. Plus, this sizeable tent is large enough to fit a couple of camping beds and tables while still leaving plenty of space for gear storage and comfortable living.


  • Strong fabric for any weather conditions
  • Wood burning stove pipe vent for heating in the winter
  • Plenty of space for a large group
  • Can be set up by one person
  • Windows have good bug nets for protection


  • Heavy
  • Windows aren’t as large as many would like

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Vidalido 12’x10’x8’ Dome Camping Tent

This multifunctional dome glamping tent from Vidalido features a high conical appearance that maximizes ceiling height and livability, all at the same time. Made from anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and 150D Oxford canvas fabric, the Viadlido Dome Camping tent is designed for any weather conditions. Plus, premium anti-rust and reinforced steel tent poles give the Vidalido dome glamping tent plenty of structural support so you can feel confident in your tent, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

With enough room to house up to six people, the Vidalido Dome Camping tent is a great shelter for any family. Oh, and with the tent’s large mesh windows and polyester mesh doors, you get great views and excellent airflow all at the same time.


  • Lots of airflow and breathability
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Large mesh windows keep the bugs out
  • Durable fabric


  • Tall tent height is a concern in high winds
  • Can fit a family of 6, but has little room for gear storage

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Northwest Enterprises Large 10 Person Family Cabin Tent w/ Front Porch

Northwest Enterprises understands that glampers want to feel at home when they’re out and about, which is why they made their Family Cabin Tent. With a 10 person sleeping capacity and a 20ft x 10ft footprint, the Family Cabin Tent is your home away from home in the great outdoors.

This glamping tent comes complete with a large screen porch and a detachable floor that offers maximum protection from the bugs all year long. Plus, with a room divider and rear door, the family cabin tent is ideal for large groups that really love their privacy. Six large zippered windows and full mesh roof round out the Family Cabin Tent’s list of awesome features and make it one of the top glamping tents out there.


  • Can be converted into a two room tent
  • Sleeps up to ten campers
  • Large screen porch for maximum livability
  • Large zippered windows for breathability


  • Heavy
  • Time consuming to set up

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Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

Affordable, yet functional, the Winterial Teepee Tent is made with a classic conical design to maximize ceiling height and livability all at the same time. Made from 210T polyester fabric, the Winterial Teepee Tent is a durable shelter that can protect you from the elements.

The best part about the Winterial Teepee Tent? It takes just a few minutes to set up and weighs only 15 lbs, making it one of the most portable glamping tents out there. Plus, the tent is made from fully waterproof fabric, so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked in the rain!


  • Affordable tent
  • Lightweight (just 15 pounds!)
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Waterproof fabric and construction


  • High ceiling height is a concern in high winds
  • Not a lot of living space with six people

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Psyclone Tents Fixed Floor 10 Windows

Love to camp but don’t want to sacrifice life’s little luxuries? With the Psyclone Tents Fixed Floor 10 Large Bell Tent, you don’t have to. This bell-shaped tent is made with high-quality 340 gsm polyester cotton canvas that’s treated with a waterproof coating to help you stay dry, even in foul weather.

The Psyclone Bell Tent has a 16.4ft diameter to maximize living space for added comfort on any glamping trip. Oh, and the tent has a heavy duty 520 gsm PVC ground sheet to protect you from moisture on the ground. If that wasn’t enough, the tent’s large door height and no-see-um mesh entrance door make it easy to get in and out, so you can enjoy all the outdoors has to offer.


  • Durable cotton canvas and PVC fabrics
  • High height entrance door for ease of use
  • 10 large windows for maximum breathability
  • Utility pockets for organizing gear


  • Very expensive
  • Takes a while to set up
  • Heavy

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Glamping Tents Buying Guide

Before you commit and buy that nifty new glamping tent, there are a few things you ought to know. Here are the top things to look out for when searching for your next glamping shelter:


No one wants to cough up some major dough on a glamping tent only to have it fall apart after a few camping adventures. One of the most important considerations for any would-be glamping tent owner is durability, which is generally a factor of both the tent’s materials and its construction.

While most glampers don’t head out for a night in a big storm, you’ll want to make sure your glamping tent is durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear from wind, rain, and the like. Especially if you have kids, your tent is likely to get a little beaten up, so you’ll want to look for a model that’s made to last.

Unfortunately, many glamping tents sacrifice durability in favor of lighter and more compact materials. While it is possible to get a light, compact, and durable glamping tent, you’ll likely have to pay a pretty penny for the opportunity.


The size of a tent has a direct impact on your ability to sleep inside of it. Generally speaking, tents express their size in terms of how many people they can sleep, though some glamping tents will also tell you how many queen-sized air mattresses you can fit inside.

However, it’s important to note that just because you can fit eight people inside an 8 person tent doesn’t mean you’ll have lots of room inside to store your gear or hang out. In fact, if you’re the type of glamper that likes to have lots of room in your tent, you might want to consider getting one that can house more people than you actually plan to camp with, just so you have that extra storage and living space.

Set up

No one wants to spend half of their camping trip setting up their tent. Unfortunately, many glamping tents take a long time to set up since they’re generally quite large and heavy. However, it is possible to find glamping tents with an easy set up construction. 

Our advice? If you often find that you struggle with pitching a tent, look for one that’s simple and easy to set up. Usually, these tents have fewer poles and less flashy designs, which translates to an easier pitching process.


Although you won’t be carrying your tent around in your backpack on a glamping trip, lugging around a brick of a tent isn’t ideal in the outdoors. While many glamping tents tip the scales at 50 pounds or even heavier, it is possible to find shelters that are a bit more svelte. That being said, some of the lighter glamping tents out there are less durable than many of us would like, so do keep this in mind when searching for a new tent.

Weather resistance

The main purpose of a tent is to keep you warm and dry in foul weather. Thus, weather resistance is of the utmost importance in a glamping tent. When checking out a tent’s weather resistant properties, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the tent fly.

These days, many glamping tents have smaller rain flies that only seem to protect the roof of the tent. While this is fine on a sunny day, when the wind and the rain pick up, it’s also a great way to get soaked!

Thus, if you really want to stay dry during your next glamping trip, you’ll want to look for a tent that’s got a durable, seam-taped rain fly that covers the entire tent body. Plus, you’ll want a glamping tent with a large, fully seam-taped bathtub floor to protect you from any moisture on the ground.


These days, most tents are made with some form of ripstop nylon or canvas for their tent fly and large, mesh panels for the tent’s inner body. However, some tents opt to use thin, low-denier fabrics to make their tents, which helps cut weight but also decreases the tent’s durability.

Additionally, most tents use lightweight, yet durable aluminum poles to keep the tent upright, even in high winds. That being said, a tent’s construction materials directly impacts its durability, so this isn’t the place to cut costs.


Here are our answers to your most frequently asked questions about glamping tents:

What is a glamping tent?

A glamping tent is a large, spacious tent that’s designed for comfort and livability on a camping trip. They tend to provide lots of living space and often can fit a number of queen sized mattresses. 

For the most part, one can stand upright in a glamping tent, thanks to their high ceiling height. Plus, some glamping tents feature multiple rooms, or even a screen porch for maximum comfort and livability.

What is the difference between a camping tent and a glamping tent?

The main difference between camping and glamping tents is their size and intended purpose. Since glamping tents are made primarily for comfort, they tend to be much larger and heavier than their backpacking counterparts. Thus, while a glamping tent is great for those car camping adventures with the whole family, they’re less than ideal for those backpacking trips where you have to carry all of your belongings on your back!

What do you need to go glamping?

When you go glamping, you can more or less bring whatever gear you want. That’s the beauty of it all. But, as you can probably guess, some items are luxuries, while others are necessities. Here are some of the things you definitely need to have on your next glamping trip:

  • Tent
  • Kitchen tarp
  • Stove
  • Cookware, silverware, and bowls/plates
  • Fuel for stoves
  • Food
  • Water (can probably get from the campground)
  • Fire starting materials
  • Firewood (check laws on transporting firewood)
  • Sleepings and sleeping pads
  • Warm clothing
  • Rain gear

Where can I go glamping?

The best part about glamping? You can do it pretty much anywhere. For the most part, glampers tend to stick to developed campgrounds, where you have the luxury of toilets, water, and sometimes showers and electricity. While campgrounds vary in the number of amenities that they provide, they’re usually a glamper’s best friend because you can often drive right up to your campsite, set up, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Is setting up a glamping tent easy?

Whether or not it’s easy to set up a glamping tent all depends on the tent in question. While some glamping tents are amazingly easy to set up, others can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re used to setting up regular backpacking tents, a glamping tent shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. But, if you’re concerned that you won’t quite be able to manage to set up a glamping tent, perhaps look for a model that’s got a simple construction for a more hassle-free set up process.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, if we had to choose just one of these great glamping tents to take with us on our next adventure, we’d have to go with the White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Tent. The tent’s large construction and durable materials help maximize comfort and livability without sacrificing weather protection. Plus, it’s easy to set up and functional all year round, making the White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Tent one of the best glamping tents out there. Happy glamping!

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