The 7 Best Camping Blankets for a Cozy Evening Under the Stars

The 7 Best Camping Blankets for a Cozy Evening Under the Stars

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Your blankee…

Every kid has their favorite blanket that they can’t live without. Holes, stains, and after years of use and abuse it’s reduced to a ragged piece of cloth.

Blankets are a kid’s best friend and as we get older the shine may wear off but the convenience and comfort of a cozy blanket never do.

When camping comes to mind things like a sleeping bag, tent, and a campfire. A camping blanket in the summer is a versatile piece of gear that once you pop you just can’t stop. You can use it at the beach, the campsite, a spur of the moment picnic, and anywhere else you drag it along.

Camping blankets are great for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures in their life. They range from ultraportable and compact to thick and weather resistant blankets that will turn a brisk evening into a comfortable one.

Camping blankets are perfect for any adventure

Don’t let the name “camping blanket” fool you. Sure, they’re billed as camping blankets, however, they double as the anywhere blanket. Small enough to fit into your pocket and durable enough to last for years.

With the ultralight movement in full swing adding any amount of weight becomes a carefully contemplated decision not to be taken “lightly”. Camping blankets should be a combination of factors…

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Warm
  • Moisture resistant

Camping blanket on the ground next to a lake

Camping blanket materials

Camping blankets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Finding the one that’s right for you is the first step to cozy outdoor evenings. We’re going to break down the different choices in blanket materials to choose from.

Wool blankets

Wool is known as one of the most versatile and warm materials that are used in outdoor cloth. Wool blankets can keep you both warm and dry. 100% Wool has antimicrobial properties, moisture wicking capabilities, as well as, the ability to keep you warm on a cold evening.

If you can find a Merino wool blanket it will have all the benefits of wool along with being soft and comfortable to the touch. Traditional wool with thicker fibers is often itchy and uncomfortable against the skin.

One big downside of wool in terms of being a camping blanket is they simply take up quite a bit of room. Portability is one of the main selling points in camping blankets and with wool that is one department it lacks in.

Wool blankets are best used for…

  • Fall evenings
  • Cold weather
  • An extra layer of insulation
  • Cuddle time

Fleece blankets

Traditional fleece is a fabric that is made of polyester which is in turn made of plastic. It was invented in the 1970s as an imitation and alternative to the thicker and itchier wool.

Fleece blankets are lighter and more compact than their woolen counterparts and trap air between its fibers. One of the biggest benefits of fleece, when compared to wool, is that it dries much faster.

Fleece blankets are best used for…

  • Summer evenings
  • Campground fun
  • Beach days
  • Cuddles

Synthetic fabric blankets

Synthetic fabrics are a blend of materials that use polyester, nylon, elastics, and ripstop nylon blends. Synthetic fabrics are versatile, lightweight, compact, and durable.

These blankets work well in most weather conditions, from moderately cold to warm summer evenings when all you want is that one extra layer.

Synthetic blankets are best used for…

  • Summer evenings
  • Festival weekends
  • Fireside chats
  • Cuddles

Young lady holding a camping blanket

Camping blanket buying guide

We have put together a list of common questions and answers to help guide your decision in finding the perfect camping blanket.

How am I going to use the blanket?

There are different blankets that perform well in different situations and you need to choose your camping blanket accordingly. For the most warmth, you want to choose a wool blanket. If you want something that is just an added layer for comfort a synthetic or fleece blanket is going to be the best option.

What size blanket do I need?

Size matters, even though you may have heard otherwise. When camping blankets are the topic of conversation size is the single most important variable (besides warmth).

Depending on how tall or short you are certain blankets are going to work better than others.

Lightweight blankets that fit into a small bag are going to be much smaller and only work for one person. Larger models will cover two people, however, they are going to take up more space.

There’s not much worse than having to choose between keeping your shoulders warm or your toes. For most people, a blanket that is at least 6 feet long is the sweet spot.

What type of material should I choose?

Nylon, wool, polyester, a synthetic blend?

If warmth and staying dry is your number one concern and you have the extra room in your bag wool is the best choice. Evaluate how and what time of year you plan on using the blanket and go from there.

Nylon and polyester are good for summer evenings when it gets a little chilly. They won’t keep you as warm as a wool blanket, however, some would argue they are a much more comfortable option.

If rugged outdoor conditions are on your agenda a durable camping blanket with ripstop fabric is the ideal choice. For lazy summer days at the campsite or the beach, any camping blanket will work.

Each material serves its own purpose and the blanket that you choose is fully dependant on how and when you plan on using it.

WIll my blanket work in bad weather?

Weather plays a large role in choosing the correct camping blanket that you are going to need.

If the weather is a concern a wool blanket is going to be the best and Merino wool even better. Wool performs well in cold weather, is moisture wicking, and can absorb water while still feeling warm.

Synthetic and fleece models that are billed as water and weatherproof will perform similarly to wool. It depends on the company and how much care they put into the design and construction.

Where am I going to use the blanket?

What good is the blanket if it takes up a ton of room and is a pain in the ass to take with you?

Camping blankets are multi-purpose blankets that you should be able to take it anywhere, not just camping. You want the blanket to break down into a relatively small area and be lightweight.

Best camping blankets

Camping blankets come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s our list of the best and most highly rated camping blankets today.

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

For being a blanket that rolls up into the size of a soda can, the blanket itself is large enough to cover the average person’s body. The one big downside of the blanket is the thickness, it isn’t much thicker than 2 tee shirts smashed together.

This blanket is compact and you can take it with you anywhere…

Camping, on a plane, a baseball game, the movie theater and anywhere else you may need an extra layer of warmth.

Overall the blanket is thin, soft, large, and warm. While it won’t work as a replacement for sleeping under the stars on a cold fall evening it is perfect in a setting when you need an extra layer.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Warm


  • Thin
  • Slippery
  • Rare stitching issues

Treadway Pocket Blanket

This camping blanket breaks down into is 4.25″ by 3″. When you take it out of the tiny carrying case it opens up to 74″ x 49″ making it just over 6 feet long and 4 feet wide.

It is large enough to snuggle in with two people if you get up close and personal.

This blanket has 6 pockets and 4 of the pockets are sewn into the corners which you can use for personal items or as anchor points. Adding rocks to the pockets on the corner is a way to make sure the blanket stays put in windy conditions.

The Treadway Pocket blanket is lightweight, water-repellent, and puncture resistant. The 4 loops on the corner give you the option of using it as a groundsheet by staking it down.


  • Lightweight
  • Water repellent
  • Puncture resistant


  • Need stakes
  • Separate corner straps
  • Debris prone to sticking

Lightspeed Outdoors

Lightspeed Outdoors
1,130 Reviews
Lightspeed Outdoors
  • Never feel unprepared again: The Lightspeed Outdoors XL Plush Fleece Outdoor Blanket protects you from wind, rain, spilled soda, or any other unexpected element you may encounter while out exploring.
  • Durable yet ultra-cozy at the same time, this blanket will soon become your essential item for anything from weekend sideline sports to adventurous backpacking trips with its rugged outer shell and super soft poly fleece interior. Rainproof and windproof outer shell and soft fleece interior will keep you comfy, warm and dry.
  • Generously sized (72” x 58”) to accommodate budding soccer stars or adults cheering them on, the XL Plush Fleece Blanket packs down to a modestly sized (15.3” x 6.3”) in the included stuff sack and can easily fit in your pack.
  • Perfect for chilly days at the park, windy stadiums, and cool nights at the campground, this blanket will be everyone's favorite.

This fleece blanket packs up larger than the first two blankets on this list to about the size of a small purse.

It opens up to 72″ x 56″ giving you enough blanket to wrap yourself in when cozying up for a cool evening or share with a close friend that you don’t mind being super close to.

Lightspeed Outdoors camping blanket is built with a polyester waterproof outer layer that protects the soft fleece inner layer. This makes it perfect for using on wet ground, having a picnic, or covering up in light rain.

The company rain tested it by spraying it with pressurized water and while it does protect against light rain puddles tend to seep through.

As far as care is concerned, you can throw this blanket in the washer and dryer with no concerns of diminished quality.


  • Fleece material
  • Retains heat
  • Polyester protective layer


  • Thin material
  • Slippery
  • Not waterproof

Mambe Camping Blanket

Mambe Camping Blanket
30 Reviews
Mambe Camping Blanket
  • Essential Outdoor Blanket: The Mambe Essential Outdoor Blanket is a large, all season outdoor blanket durable enough to use on any surface all year long. High quality construction made to withstand many years of regular use and machine washing. Includes an ultralight stuff sack – measures 9” x 15”. Unfolded blanket measures 58" x 84" (approx. 5' x 7'). 3.5 lbs.
  • Stay Warm & Dry No Matter the Weather: Keeps you comfortable so you can spend more time on your outdoor adventures! Designed with soft and warm, mid-weight Polartec Classic 200 Fleece on one side, and waterproof/windproof nylon on the other, with heat-reflective lining to retain body heat.
  • Superior Insulation: Made with Polartec Classic fabrics, the insulating layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for unparalleled quality and durability. Polartec Classic fleece maintains its insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated laundering. The polyester velour construction creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, resulting in a warmth-to-weight ratio far better than other materials, which provides a lighter weight, warmer blanket.
  • Ideal For Multiple Occasions: You’ll love this versatile outdoor blanket for use at the park, beach, and during camping, sporting, and outdoor concert events and to keep on hand for emergencies. Makes a great gift for just about anyone – coaches, weddings, birthdays, and graduations.

This blanket is large and in charge… Ok, that was super cheesy.

Regardless, it is a large camping blanket at just over 7 feet tall and nearly 5 feet wide. This blanket is the perfect size for two people to use comfortably and then some.

It is made with Polartec® classic 300 fleece and is designed to be used in cold conditions by keeping your body heat inside with a reflective layer on the outside.

The other side of the blanket is made of waterproof nylon to keep you bone dry (in light rain).

This blanket is made 100% in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee. Any company that feels this confident in their product is worth consideration, it’s not often you get this type of warranty anymore.


  • Fleece material
  • Retains heat
  • Polyester protective layer


  • Thin material
  • Slippery
  • Not waterproof

Wooly Mammoth Camping Blanket

Wooly Mammoth Camping Blanket
2,090 Reviews
Wooly Mammoth Camping Blanket
  • ★ MERINO WOOL WARMTH – 80% merino wool using a twill weave for enhanced durability. Wool is a breathable fiber that produces instant warmth. Wool has water-resistant qualities and repels moisture vapor through its fibers, making it less susceptible to mold or mildew. Even on sunny days, a quality wool blanket can help protect you from the sun and keep you cool with the fibers' natural temperature-regulating properties.
  • ★ FROM CAMPING BACKPACKS TO WEEKENDS AT THE CABIN – Our large wool blanket is approximately 66" inches x 90" inches and weighs approximately 4 lbs. This is the perfect blanket when you need an extra layer of insulation. Great for camping, hiking, stargazing, backpacking, bushcrafting, boating, fishing, hunting or storing in the trunk of your car as a utility blanket for emergency preparedness. A durable wool blanket is an essential addition to your outdoor gear and equipment collection.
  • ★ EDGING AND FINISH – Our Explorer Collection wool blankets have a milled finish, which means there is inter-fiber felting and fabric consolidation, thereby creating a denser blanket. The edging of this blanket is double-stitched using a thick polyester thread intended to withstand years of use. A beautiful thick yarn whipstitch adds a timeless finish to this premium woolen blanket that will last generations.
  • ★ SPECIAL GIFT IDEA – One cannot go wrong with the timeless gift of a wool blanket. This makes a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, housewarmings, new beginnings, graduations, engagements, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, grandparents, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Merino wool is the best and most comfortable wool on the market today. This blanket is made with 80% virgin Merino wool which means it hasn’t been recycled and is of the finest quality.

Merino wool and wool, in general, is the warmest material that you will find in a camping blanket. The edges of this blanket are double-stitched and use a polyester thread to prevent fraying edges.

Keep in mind that Merino wool has to be hand washed and never machine washed.

This blanket is soft, dense, and extremely warm. One of the big concerns about wool is the myth that it is all itchy, while this is true with traditional wool it’s not true with Merino wool.


  • Made of Merino Wool
  • Large blanket
  • Anti-microbial


  • Have to hand wash
  • Thin blanket
  • Comes with a smell

Ektos Wool Camping Blanket

EKTOS Wool Camping Blanket
3,342 Reviews
EKTOS Wool Camping Blanket
  • WARM BLANKET - This wool camp blanket traps body heat in cold weather, even when wet. It's also breathable, temperature regulating and loom woven for durability
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR - This thick wool blanket is ideal for camping, your truck or your RV. Great for everyday or emergency use, it's better than US military surplus gear
  • LARGE SIZE - At over seven feet long, our wool blanket twin sized hero will comfortably cover the tallest person, with enough side-to-side room for two adults
  • EASY CARE - Our army blankets and throws are machine washable (see below for care info). Also factory washed 3X so they are ready for immediate use

Ektos Wool heavy duty camping blanket is 90% wool and 10% synthetic materials. It’s made of premium quality traditional wool and is loom woven with stitched corners to protect the edges.

The size is large enough to cover a king size bed without hanging over the edges. It is both heavy and breathable making it a great addition to any camping gear collection.

This wool blanket is machine washable, unlike Merino wool garments. It is also soft and comfortable against the skin.

The huge size makes it perfect for couples on a cold evening.


  • Soft feel
  • Thick material
  • Large size


  • Sheds fibers
  • Needs to be hand washed
  • Smells at first

Practico Outdoor Blanket

Practico Outdoor Blanket
263 Reviews
Practico Outdoor Blanket
  • ✔ WATER-RESISTANT BACKING & WIND-PROOF - Each blanket features reinforced polyester / nylon backing for superior water and wind resistance. Nylon side is water-resistant
  • ✔ EXCELLENT COMFORT & WARMTH - Blanket is made with extra soft 220 gsm 100% polar fleece providing excellent warmth & comfort
  • ✔ PERFECT SOLO BLANKET - Small size is 48 x 58 inches which is enough space for you at a tailgate, football game, outdoor concert, & more
  • ✔ EASY TO CARRY & EASY STORAGE - Easily rolls up or folds compactly and includes carrying buckle/strap and stuff sack for easy transport and storage

The Practico Outdoor Blanket is 58″ x 48″ making it on the smaller side of camping blankets on this list.

It’s made with 220-grade polar fleece on the inside and reinforced polyester/nylon on the outside. The outer layer will protect against light rain and wind.

Its fleece inner layer provides warmth in temperatures as low as 50° Fahrenheit. The blanket is compact when rolled up and comes with a carrying strap and a stuff sack.

Being machine washable this blanket is easy to care for as long as you wash it on the delicate setting to prevent damage to the blanket.


  • Polar fleece
  • Protective outer layer
  • Compact


  • Lacks middle stitching
  • Light washing only
  • Noisy when moved


Camping blanket, outdoor blankets, adventure blankets…

Whatever you choose to call them, they are versatile and handy to keep with you anytime you head outdoors. With the variety of shapes and sizes available, you should now have a better idea of the different styles, you have to choose from while making an informed decision.

Whether you’re using it to cuddle with a loved one, to lay on the ground at a festival, or for a little extra warmth when the sun goes down there is a camping blanket made for you.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of which blanket works best for your needs.

Keep calm and camp on.

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