The 7 Best Ozark Trail Tents Reviewed in 2020

Green tent sitting on a mountaintop

Whether you’re looking to spend the better part of your summer in the backcountry or just want to take the family on a quick weekend camping trip, there’s nothing better than an Ozark Trail tent. These tents provide excellent value for money while being packed full of great features, making them perfect for all of […]

How to Heat a Tent: 11 Tips for a Cozy Evening Inside Your Tent

A tent sitting on a cliff at sunset

As the end of summer rolls around, many outdoor enthusiasts wave goodbye to the camping season and transition into a life indoors for the colder winter months. While colder temperatures can make outdoor recreation less appealing to some, the fall and winter seasons are some of the most magical times to be outside. Whether you’re […]

The Best Yeti Cooler Alternatives: Nobody Likes Warm Beer

Black and white picture of a cooler

Fact: No one likes warm beer.  That’s why you need a great cooler to take with you on all of your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking to keep your beverages cold during a camping trip or you need a place to keep today’s catch on ice until you get back to the marina, there’s nothing […]

The 7 Best Boots for Snowshoeing in 2020

People walking on icy mountain in snowshoes

Adventuring in the winter can be one of the most amazing experiences if you have the right gear. If you’re heading out into a snow-filled landscape, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve got the right boots for staying warm and dry while snowshoeing so you can spend more time enjoying the winter wonderland around […]

Types of Sleeping Bags: The Ultimate Guide

3 women jumping in the air wrapping in sleeping bags

Warm and comfortable, a sleeping bag is a must-have piece of gear in the backcountry. A veritable oasis in the middle of a horrible storm or at the end of a strenuous hike, curling up in a cozy sleeping bag is hands-down the best way to finish up a memorable day in the outdoors. That […]

The 5 Best Canvas Backpacks: Durable and Stylish

Young women standing on the beach in a canvas backpack.

A quality backpack is a veritable lifesaver when traveling. Lightweight, yet comfortable, the perfect backpack can hold all of your must-have gear without feeling burdensome or like it’s holding you back. Carry around a low-quality backpack all day, however, and you’ll certainly regret your decision come nightfall as a sore back and aching shoulders remind […]

Must Have Camping Gear: 25 Camping Essentials

A woman sitting on chair near a campfire

Whether you’re staying in a campground for a weekend or heading out on a month-long backpacking extravaganza, camping can be one of the most amazing ways to enjoy and embrace all of the wonders of nature. While camping can be a way for us to reconnect with the natural world, however, we need to go […]