The Best Cameras for Hiking and Backpacking

A camera being tossed in the air outdoors.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in most cases, it tells the story just as well, if not better than written words. Hiking cameras give you the chance to capture your experiences in the outdoors with accuracy and precision that a cell phone simply can’t. Buying a new camera may sound […]

Types of Backpacks: A Comprehensive Guide

Three women walking with backpacking on a hiking trail.

Oh, the backpack. The simple, yet incredibly useful tool for easily storing and transporting gear is one of the best companions a traveler, hiker, or Average Joe could ask for. Backpacks are fairly ubiquitous in modern society and they range from teeny tiny little daypacks to the great big behemoths favored by backpackers and mountaineers. […]

North Face Venture 2 vs Resolve 2: In Depth Review

man taking picture under cloudy sky

Trying to survive on this planet without encountering rain is hard, to say the least. Whether you live in a place that gets rain all year long or are lucky enough to only have to worry about rain on certain days, a rain jacket is a welcomed companion. North Face was created in 1966 by […]

The Best Minimalist Sandals: Everything You Need to Know

person sitting in sandals by the water

Have you ever wondered if there was a lighter alternative to tromping around the mountains with a hiking boot or trail running shoe? Sure, they make lightweight trail running shoes these days, but many of them are still more cumbersome than they need to be. Enter: the minimalist sandal. Designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast […]

How to Whittle: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Whittling

Man in the woods whittling

If you’ve ever spent some time outside, chances are high that you’ve seen someone sitting by a campfire working away at a small piece of wood with a knife. Whether they were making a spoon or a cute little figurine, whittling is a time-honored outdoor tradition that many people love to this day. People who […]

The 7 Best Headlamps for Hiking and Backpacking

Person wearing a headlamp looking up into the sky.

If you spend enough time hiking in the backcountry, at some point you’ll get benighted and need a headlamp. Whether it’s on purpose, because you wanted to capture that sweet sunset photo, or because you just had an epic on the trail, the last thing you want is to get caught out in the wilderness […]

Osprey Exos 48 Review: An Ultralight and Versatile Backpack

Women standing with a backpack on.

Osprey backpacks was founded in 1974 for the sole purpose of making functional and durable hiking backpacks. Mike Pfotenhauer is the founder, judge, and jury for each piece of gear that is released under the Osprey banner. Every detail of each and every backpack has to be approved by Mike and his passion and commitment […]