North Face Back to Berkeley Review: Are They Worth It?

Person in boots overlooking a waterfall

Imagine this: a winter boot that looks good and keeps your feet warm and dry. While this might seem like an impossible combination, The North Face Back to Berkeley shows us that a winter boot can be both stylish and functional. The Back to Berkeley boots combine an old-school feel with the best in winter […]

34 of the Best Places to Camp in Texas

tippee tent at the Grand Canyon

The Lone Star State is home to some of the United State’s most amazing natural places. From rolling hills to the open prairie, there’s a bit of everything when it comes to Texas’ stunning landscapes. Whether you love the alpine vistas found only in rugged mountain terrain or the fresh sea breeze along the state’s […]

41 of the Best Places to Camp in Arizona

A tent in the desert at sunset

Arizona is a state in the Southwestern region of the United States and is also a member of the Western and Mountain States. Southern Arizona is known for the desert climate with hot summers and mild winters. Northern Arizona is a place in stark contrast from the Southern part of the state, with Pine forests, […]

Polar Fleece vs Microfleece: A Guide to Fleece Fabrics

A person sitting with a cup of coffee in hand

If you’ve spent any time adventuring outside in your life, chances are you’ve worn a fleece jacket. A super popular fabric, fleece is well established as a go-to textile in outdoor clothing for its ability to look good and keep you warm in the harshest of conditions. That being said, very few people realize that […]

The 7 Best Heated Jackets: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Man standing on a hill on front of mountains.

When it’s truly cold outside, a standard jacket just won’t cut it. While an insulated jacket can help keep you warm, it doesn’t produce any heat. So, if you want to stay warm, you need to layer up with some pretty thick jackets to survive the cold. A heated jacket is a practical solution to […]

Osprey Kestrel 48 Review: A Versatile Hiking Backpack

Women hiking in the desert with a backpack.

The name Osprey is synonymous with hiking backpacks and has consistently delivered quality products in a saturated market. Since their founding in 1974, every piece of gear releases had undergone the relentless scrutiny of the owner and founder Mike Pfotenhauer. It’s no secret that Mike’s unwavering attention to detail has directly correlated to the sustained […]

Best Rain Jackets for Hiking: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Man standing outdoors wearing a rain jacket.

In the backcountry, it’s imperative that you protect yourself from the elements. Whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, or hail, being soaking wet is a surefire way to ruin your experience before it really gets going. To stay dry outdoors, you’ll need to get yourself a rain jacket that can protect you from anything mother nature […]