The 7 Best Camping Chairs to Kick Back and Relax In

A campsite with chairs around a fire during the day

Everyone camps a little different. Go camping with three different groups of people and you’re going to see three completely different ways to pitch a tent, set up the kitchen, and start a campfire. The location will change, the people may change, but a camp chair remains the same. Whether you are sitting around the […]

37 Everyday Outdoor Adventure Ideas For Everyone to Try

A man jumping off a cliff into a pool of turquoise water

Going on an adventure doesn’t have to be an epic, once a year experience. You don’t need to tackle a 6 month thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail or embark on an around the world trip to every country on the planet. Adventures can be as simple as trying something new that you have always […]

33 Luxury Glamping Accessories To Level Up Camping Gear

A field at night with fancy tents in a row

Glamping, short for glamorous camping… Glamping has become a buzzword among campers everywhere. If you spend any amount of time outdoors you are going to hear this term tossed around from time to time. It basically is the antithesis of hardcore campers everywhere and music to the ears of everyone else. Glamping is about finding […]

How to Start a Fire With Wet Wood: 7 Easy Steps

A fire burning in the woods at night

Nothing beats finishing the evening next to the warm glow of a campfire. Roasting marshmallows while enjoying the company of your favorite people while waiting in anticipation for that first bite of a s’more. One of the most important skills that you learn in the outdoors is how to start a fire. There is an […]

Best Baby Hiking Backpacks: Super Comfortable Baby Hiking Backpacks

Women hiking with a baby hiking backpack on

The best way to share your love for the outdoors with the little ones in your life is to get outside with them and let them experience the beauty and magic of mother nature with their own two eyes. Walking hand in hand with a little one is slightly difficult, especially when walking is not […]

Best Water Enhancers: The Good and the Bad of Water Enhancement

A lemon and strawberry floating in water

Most people feel like they should be drinking more water. Some health experts say we need eight eight-ounce glasses each day, known as the 8 by 8 rule (about two liters total). Others say even more would be better, but the consensus seems to be that most people aren’t drinking enough. Not only does drinking […]

The Best Hydration Bladders for Ultimate Trail Refreshment

People in backpacks standing together with the sun setting behind them

If you’ve spent any time in the outdoors you have inevitably had to pull off to the side of the trail and dig for your water bottle to get a small drink of water. The constant stops to take off your backpack and get a sip of water get old after a few miles. Believe […]