24 Hiking Safety Tips Every Hiker Should Know

Group of hikers wearing backpacks and hiking gear walking up a mountain

It’s no coincidence that hiking is exploding in popularity. There are a million reasons to get outside and take a hike. Hiking has a number of health, social, and mental benefits all rolled into the wonder of your backyard. There are a million reasons to get outside and hike, and there are also chances for […]

7 Ultralight Backpacking Tents to Minimize your Pack Weight

A blue glowing tent in a grass field on a starry evening

Backpacking and comfort are not synonymous. People head out on a backpacking trip to get out of their comfort zone and closer to nature. While that’s a romantic notion, the real challenge is finding the perfect balance of comfort and discomfort. You spend roughly 33% of your time backpacking inside your tent, so finding a […]

7 Pre-made Fire Starting Kits to Get your Fire Burning (Plus DIY Options)

A person sitting on the beach using a bow drill to start a fire

Fire has been a catalyst for human development. It has played an important role in giving us the flexibility to move to regions that are otherwise uninhabitable and food for longer periods gave us the ability to preserve food for a longer period of time. The date of the first fires is a point of […]