Backpacking Coffee: The 5 Best Ways to Brew Coffee in the Backcountry

A pot steaming with a french press coffee maker resting on a log outdoors

Backpacking should never be attempted without coffee. The best part of waking up in the backcountry is the glorious smell of the wilderness around you and the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee. A crisp morning in the wild, light dew on your tent, and a hot cup of coffee is the only way […]

The 7 Best Camp Shoes for Backpacking and Hiking Adventures

Two feet in flip-flops hanging off a ledge high above the water

Backpacking is a skill that is honed over time and mastered through trial and error. There are a million tips and lists to be found about what exactly you need. Camp shoes are one of the items that are forgotten and sorely missed. Your camp shoes are a welcomed break from the daily grind of […]

14 Awesome Camping Games For Everyone To Enjoy

People playing cards sitting around a table

The best place to escape from the chaos of your daily life is the campsite. Sleeping in tents, swimming in the lake, and sleeping under the stars are a few of the things that we all look forward to. Eat, sleep, hike, campfire, relax, and repeat. That’s the standard camping trip and there’s nothing wrong […]

Beginner Camping Tips: 50 Tips For The First Time Camper

A tent pitched on the plains overlooking the snowy mountainous landscape of Niederbauen-Chulm

If you have never experienced a camping trip before, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. The idea of sleeping on the dirt doesn’t sound appealing at first glance. Luck for us, camping is so much more than that. It’s time away from the city where you can sit down, decompress, and spend time with the […]

The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Wheeled Cooler

White off road Toyota Land Cruiser on the Stockton sand Beach.

Coolers serve important roles at every campsite. With the help of ice, they keep the meat from spoiling and the beverages cold ensuring you have grub and cold drinks for a week of fun in the sun. The biggest hurdle when using a cooler is their packed weight. The beverage cooler gets the heaviest and […]