Leave No Trace Principles Quiz: Test Your Wilderness Chops

A mountain and a forest on a summer day

When we’re talking about the environment there is one thing that most of us can agree on. Conservation and preservation of the places that we all love and enjoy on a regular basis is extremely important. Leaving the environment the same as we found it will ensure that it remains pristine for many generations of […]

The 7 Best Camping Blankets for a Cozy Evening Under the Stars

The 7 Best Camping Blankets for a Cozy Evening Under the Stars

Your blankee… Every kid has their favorite blanket that they can’t live without. Holes, stains, and after years of use and abuse it’s reduced to a ragged piece of cloth. Blankets are a kid’s best friend and as we get older the shine may wear off but the convenience and comfort of a cozy blanket […]

11 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Merino Wool Outdoors

Merino sheep looking directly at the camera

Merino wool has become a trendy term for anyone who spends a moderate amount of time in the outdoors. It has what seems like magical properties that only exist in this specific fabric and it is becoming the go-to outdoor attire. Fabric technology in the last 10 years has grown leaps and bounds. Outdoor clothing […]

Courtney Dauwalter Runs 238 Miles in 58 Hours: Ultrarunning Superstar

Up close shot of running shoes

Inspiration comes in many forms and you can find it nearly anywhere if you look hard enough. Courtney Dauwalter recently completed the Moab 240, for the uninitiated it is a 238 mile run through the Moab desert. It’s not just a straight shot either, there are deserts, mountains, canyons, and a mental fortitude that not […]

The 7 Best Backpacking Hammocks for Comfort and Convenience

A man with a hat sitting in a hammock looking at a waterfall

The hammock is the ultimate icon of rest and relaxation. Laying in a hammock, with the straps tied between two trees on a summer afternoon. Gently rocking back and forth in the wind as the cool summer breeze gently caresses your face. Not a thought on your mind or a worry in the world other […]

13 Scientifically Backed Reasons to Drink More Coffee While Camping

A pot resting over an open fire

For most campers, waking up and making a fresh pot of coffee is the only way to start your morning. Unzipping your tent and getting the stove started to brew your favorite robust roast. Meanwhile, warming your hands with the flame as the water slowly begins to boil and you wait with anticipation and excitement. […]