These 7 Magnificent Hikes Will Take Your Breath Away

Large mountain face as the sun is rising

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m not sure what that makes a video, but it’s a pretty big number. These clips each tell an amazing story of beauty and adventure. Hiking is therapeutic on every level. Waking up early in the morning and tackling a handful of miles at your own […]

The 7 Best Hiking Movies to Inspire the Adventurer Inside You

an empty wooden bridge in the woods

There is something about a movie that can inspire you to climb a mountain, hike the pacific crest trail, or want to jump out of a plane and rob a bank. Ok, so maybe not the rob a bank part, but a well told story can inspire and encourage you to try things you never […]

How to Setup and Organize a Campground Kitchen Like a Pro

3 pans cooking food over a fire

What’s the single most important thing that you bring on a camping trip? Depending on who you ask this topic is hotly debated. If there is a serious cook then a camping kitchen is going to be their number one concern above all else. Cooking can be a challenging inside and cooking outside brings with […]

The Best Pop Up Camping Tent: A Complete Guide

A tent at night with light shining out of the tent

You show up to the campsite and you’re ready to get started. The coolers and firewood are unloaded along with all your other camping gear. The next step is getting your tent prepped and ready to be pitched. If you have a pop up camping tent it’s only going to take you a matter of […]

39 Beginner Camping Mistakes that are Easily Avoided

Tene set up next to a lake in the mountains

Walking, riding a bike, learning to drive, the list goes on and on. Everyone is a beginner at everything they attempt to accomplish at some point in their lives. Your first trip camping is both exciting and overwhelming and we’re going to help you with what to avoid to have the best time. There’s a […]

The Best Waterproof Backpack Guide: Everything You Need To Know

People standing in the rain with backpacks on

Water skiing when the sun rises on a lake as calm as glass, a long lazy float down the river with all your closest friends, or a sunset on a sandy beach in a tropical location. Playing in the water makes the best days just a little bit better. Whether you’re hiking or backpacking when […]

The Complete Guide to Find the Best Portable Camping Toilet

An old wooden outhouse in the mountains

There are a few modern luxuries that we take for granted, yet, we couldn’t live without. If you have ever camped in a place without modern facilities then you understand pooping in a hole gets old fast, really fast. Camping toilets bring not only the comfort of knowing you have a toilet but also a […]