Stealth Camping Guide For Your Next Woodsy Trip

stealth camping tent hidden among trees

Imagine a scenario in which you are on a 7-day backpacking trip and you’ve decided that you want to get off the beaten path. You have walked all day and are exhausted from the constant grind of elevation gain after elevation gain and all you can think about is finding a little shelter. There are […]

What are the Health Benefits of Trail Mix?

Close up of nuts, seeds, and granola

Trail mix or gorp has been a staple in the hiking world for over a century and is a welcomed snack on a hot summer day or a cold winter afternoon. Today it has evolved well past the simple recipe that is GORP. If you don’t know what GORP is, it has a couple of […]

45 Awesome Outdoor Quotes for Some Inspiration and Motivation

Sun rays shining through the clouds

There is something about reading a quote that you resonate with that can have a lasting effect on you. It may inspire you, make you laugh, get you choked up, motivate you, or make you crack a smile on a shitty day. Even though they are just words, they can have a positive and motivating […]