The 5 Best Hatchets for Camping and Backpacking

Hatchet stuck in a log at a campsite

A fire can’t be made without wood, a tent can’t be set without stakes, and a zombie can’t be killed without a hatchet. A hatchet is a tool that once you start you can’t stop, kinda like that potato chip commercial from back in the day. They serve as a knife, fire starter, wood splitter, […]

How to Sanitize Your Drinking Water While Backpacking

Water boiling over an open fire

A beautiful spring morning in the backcountry, you wake up next to the sun rising just above the trees on the horizon. Basking in the enjoyment of the morning sun, the warm feel of a cup of coffee, and enjoying the sun beginning to burst over the horizon, displaying all the colors of a kaleidoscope. […]

11 Insider Tips For Hot Weather Hiking

People hiking on the top of a sand dune

Sun’s out guns out, and in the mountains, your water bottles too. With the looming joy of hot summer days, barbeques with friends, and the undeniable happiness that we find in summer and on the trail. It is important to keep in mind the dangers of hot weather hiking. The best time of year to hike, […]

How to Find the Best Camping Cot Even if You Have Never Heard of One

A chair sitting on the snow looking at the horizon

The best camping cot does not sound like an interesting or appealing item to read about, let’s start there. Now, if you are in the game for a camping cot you have come to the right place. Nobody likes waking up with a sore back, stiff neck, and a bad attitude. Getting a good night […]